A Substandard Plumbing Installation Can Cost You Much More Than Time and Money

This photo is a classic example of the worst that can happen when a homeowner hires unqualified individuals to install plumbing or heating in their residence. In this instance, the installer did not remove the gas flex and shut off valve from the hard piping before he set the water heater in its enclosure. The water heater was jammed into the enclosure and the gas flex line was crushed in the process. Subsequently, the flex line ruptured under pressure and began spewing propane into the enclosure. Once it found a point of ignition (the burner compartment), the gas ignited and the result is obvious.

Fortunately, the homeowner was home and awake. He heard the explosion and had the knowledge and wherewithal to turn off the propane tank in the yard. Had he not been home, the building would have been a total loss. Had he been home and asleep, the consequences could have been deadly.

Some plumbing companies send whomever is available at the time to answer your service call. At some shops, it's all about your money and not about your safety. Their philosophy is to just send a "warm body" out and start the clock running. A lot of larger shops cannot even call their workers plumbers, so they call them "techs".

We are owner operated. This means that when you schedule a call with us, the owner will arrive to personally guarantee that you receive what you are paying for. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Your safety and satisfaction are our highest priority.

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